What to Wear to An Interview

In the accounting and finance field it is a must to dress business professional. Your interview will be off to a rocky start if you do not, and you may automatically disqualify yourself from the job.

Business Professional for Men – The obvious is a matching suit with tie. Black and dark blue suits are the two most popular choices, but you may get away with a dark grey suit. Make sure that the suit was recently taken to the cleaners and that you took the dry cleaners tag off. Forgetting to take the tag off can show lack of attention to detail, a big no-no for an accounting job.pexels-photo-288477

Wear a solid color button up shirt that has been ironed.

The tie should be a solid color or a minimalistic design like stripes. Do not wear a tie with logos or words on it. The intent is to be business professional, not express yourself.

Wearing a watch is optional and the only other piece of jewelry you should be wearing is a ring, as in ONE ring.

You should shave, you can grow back your facial hair once you get the job and see that it’s ok by observing coworkers.

Wear dress shoes that are either brown or black. Make sure they are free of smudges.

Wear a belt with a smaller buckle. You do not want to come in with a large belt buckle that is the certain focus of your attire.

Power Move Tip – Match your belt, shoes, and watch strap. If you have brown leather shoes, wear a brown leather belt and a watch with a brown leather strap. It is much easier to do this if you purchase a reversible belt. One side of the belt will be black and the other side will be brown.

Business Professional for Women – Tailored dresses and skirts no more than an inch or two above the knee and also business suits. Stick with neutral colors like black, grey, and dark blue.

Button up shirts made of a cotton blend, rayon or silk are a good option. The neckline of the shirt should be conservative. Avoid any patterns that are not minimalistic. Shapes are polka dots are usually safe bets if you want something more than a plain shirt.

No clunky jewelry should be avoided if it is distracting. Pearls are usually a safe bet for interviews. Don’t go overboard with any of the jewelry. pexels-photo-325531

Shoes should be simple and comfortable. Both heels and pumps are appropriate for the interview. Heels should remain between 2-4 inches. Be sure there are no scuffs on your shoes.

Keep your hair simple. Make sure your hair is out of your face while avoiding oversized accessories to do so.

Make Up – Less is more. Avoid anything that glitters. Wear lipstick over lip gloss. Try and even out your face as much as possible without getting a baked look.

Keep your nails neutral. Avoid anything distracting.

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