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As with a lot of students graduating college, I was very ambitious to prove myself at my new job and quickly move up the ladder in the accounting field. The problem though wasn’t that I had a lack of focus or drive. The problem was that I didn’t know how to climb the ladder and where to invest my time and energy. It wasn’t until I understood how to climb the ladder that I was really able to increase my salary. What I have come to realize is that there is a lot that goes into being successful in your career that is not always taught in school. There aren’t classes on negotiating salary, working with recruiters, creating a powerful LinkedIn profile, and much more.

My goal with this site is to address a lot of these topics and hopefully provide some insight on how to find success in your accounting career. My goal is to keep the site full of specific information and not general information. Accountants should already know to show up to work timely everyday. However, new accountants may not know how valuable an accounting mentor is or which excel features they should master to be considered the gurus of the department.

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