Who Said you Couldn’t do Freelance Accounting?

Doing freelance work is not something only reserved for artists, techies, and journalists. With  technology making remote work possible, all types of professionals are finding out there is an opportunity to do freelance work.

There are four places that I would recommend for freelance accounting work.

Fiverr – Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur – there are some accountants that will do freelance accounting work on this site, but not a lot of them. It may still be a pretty untapped market.

Your city on Craigslist – there are a lot of small businesses looking for people to do a few hours of book keeping a month. It may be easy to book up a few of these companies start building your business.

Accountemps via Robert Half – it is easy to find 3–6 month projects through them. You could be doing work for small, medium, or large businesses. Accountemps does a great job of helping you find work in areas you want to specialize in.

AfID – Accounting for International Development – this is a pretty cool program that has volunteer and paid work in developing countries. If you are feeling adventurous this could be a fun option for you. You could find yourself helping set up small companies within Kenya during the week and enjoying safaris during the weekend.

For all of these sites it is important to have a LinkedIn profile if you are looking for freelance work. I would suggest reading over an article like the one below to guarantee clients offer you jobs.

How to Create a Powerful Accounting LinkedIn Profile


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